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Interview with online magazine - Style with Compassion


A few weeks ago we were approached by online US magazine address to talk about Ethical Fashion and what it means for Hawthorn and the industry as a whole. From inspiration and the desire to start an ethical brand through to the challenges of sourcing.  

Address Chic - 'You probably would have heard of ‘ethical fashion’ but didn’t pay much heed to what it really means. But perhaps when you’d know what goes into making your super affordable stylish clothing and how each stage of its production process takes a toll on the people who make it and also the planet you’d think twice before spending your money on them. When you’d see the inhumane working conditions, aching backs and calloused fingers on the production line you’d realize why your $9.99 t-shirt is so not worth it.

Thanks to the increased awareness of conscious consumerism the new age designers and brands like Hawthorn and Co are changing the face of fashion industry (and what goes behind), and are bringing ethics to this multi-billion dollar industry through fair wages, ecofriendly materials and clean production practices.

Read the full interview here

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